Happy Christmas, You Silly Little Muppets

25 Dec

5cc5e8d015bff8502baee7663c9229a5Can I just say how happy I am to have all of you? Honestly, despite my international popularity, in many ways, it’s you, my readers, who mean the most to me of all. Honestly, I mean it, I love you, guys. You’re my best friends.

I hope you’re having a lovely Christmas day. I am. I mean, I am really having a lovely Christmas. My morning was just lovely—-I was up a bit late last night so I’m afraid I was still in bed with Christopher arrived. But what a lovely surprise to hear him rapping at my bedroom door, delivering a lovely cup of tea (I had the decency not to comment on the lack of toast). After my bath, he and I exchanged gifts. He got me a lovely piece of artwork for my boudoir. It’s such a thoughtful pressie. Christopher is so lovely. Later, we had a lovely meal. And, of course, the Queen’s speech. Well, that was lovely.

Christopher and I are just tucking into some lovely sherry and maybe a mince pie or two. I trust you are, too. Have a lovely Christmas, dear ones, I love you. I mean it. For some reason, I’m just so full of love that I could even kiss a ginger if there were one here (though thankfully there is not).

And to all, a good night!

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