No Witty Title Today, I’m Afraid

27 Jun

Technology is everywhere. That’s the world we live in. Some technology is morally good—it can help us find directions to little towns with delightful tea shops and allow lovely lady writers to reach out more of their devoted public. Some technology is not morally good—it is helping sad bastards to feel better about themselves when they really shouldn’t,  it is draining us of our sanity by tempting us to six hour Mah Jongg marathons, and it is destroying the pleasure of holding a book or newspaper in your hands as you read.

However, technology is here. I can’t do anything to stop it. I don’t have to fall in love with it, but it’s here and it’s changing our world.

Today’s England v Germany match would have benefited from technology. In less that a few seconds, we were all able to see that Lampard’s goal went in. In the time it takes for Ashley Cole to decide where to throw in the ball or the time it takes for a player to pretend he’s hurt long enough for the other team to kick out the ball, the refs could have been able to see that the goal had gone in. Cost is not the issue; the fact that video technology won’t be used at all levels of the game is not an issue (international teams get pussy at the drop of a hat but my Sunday league can’t even get a look in, how is FIFA addressing that inequality?). Technology would have shown the goal to be fair and who knows how keeping things fair  might have changed the match.

That said . . .

England’s performance was poor throughout. Despite the hours I’ve spent on the minds of Fergie, Arsene and yes, Jose, I am no football expert. But I do know this:

  1. There needs to be an offensive plan beyond just whacking it towards the goal and hoping that someone on the other team makes a mistake and allows it to go in.
  2. There needs to be a strong defense. Did Germany play fantastically or did they just take advantage of the space they were allowed? David James (albeit in gorgeous yellow) had to work too hard whereas the skinny version of James Corden at the other end was more protected.

While it’s true that we don’t know what might have happened had the “goal that wasn’t (but really was)” counted, it’s also true that it shouldn’t have mattered. When I set out to woo a gentleman, I am a man possessed. I know what I want and, on the few occasions I’ve taken a kicking (not literally, of course, as I do not woo that type of man), I get up and get on with the wooing.  When I really, really want a man, I go in there and get him. England did not go in and get their man today (not even Ashley). It was a poor showing all round: Johnson wasn’t fast enough, Lampard has to do something other than miss “ambitious” tries, I don’t even know what’s up with Rooney and John Terry—Hello? Did you not get the memo that you were playing in a World Cup match today?

I’m afraid I don’t have the patience to analyze this any further, to dig into the sporting, historical and cultural explanations that might make sense of this fiasco. Like the rest of you, I am too mortified and too drunk to do so reasonably at this moment. Instead we should all just concentrate on accepting it, getting to the toilet before we vomit and avoiding kicking off at the elderly German man who just happens to step into our paths as we stumble home.

2 Responses to “No Witty Title Today, I’m Afraid”

  1. Chris Ross Sunday, 27 June 2010 at 22:18 #

    Great blog you got going here and a very well written article! I think it was brutal to see the Germany-England game go the way it did. Also, you think you check out my post cuz I really wanna hear your opinion on my thoughts.

  2. Diana Mercedes Tuesday, 29 June 2010 at 02:18 #

    A few days later…Glenn Beck may be on the right track about soccer. I am not following the World Cup and have no reply regarding the match. I am following Agatha Witt-Wellington (Miss), however.

    Technology, immoral online games, yes. How many precious hours I have wasted playing Word Whomp at the Pogo site. I should be flogged. As my poems and short stories languish in their files, Pogo beckons. It is well that they are children from my imagination and not real wee ones that require real parenting while I down game after game sitting before my laptop screen like a dis-sheveled drunken floosey in run down neighborhood bar.

    At least I am not alone.

    Video Replays at sporting events. It will come. It has come to tennis and football (American). It will come to baseball soon. Recently a pitcher, I forget which team, was denied a perfect game by a bad call at first base. The runner was clearly out on replay, but the umpire called him safe. In an unprecedented apology by any official EVER, the umpire said to the player afterwards, he made a bad call and he was sorry.

    Football (American) has video challenges. The head coach of the victimized team has to throw down a red flag before the next play to challenge. The head referee then review the film and decides unilaterally, if the call was valid or should be reversed. Is the call stands, the team that challenged loses a time out.

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