Vote Carefully

23 Jun

It’s not about which side has the least biggest twats supporting them or which side the most annoying celebrities are spouting off about.

It’ll make a difference so vote carefully.


See you on the other side.

One Response to “Vote Carefully”

  1. preponderous Thursday, 23 June 2016 at 13:59 #

    Good morning, Miss Agatha. My daughter Margot, who is vacationing in London, reported to me that people she’s been speaking with are strongly opinionated and sharply divided on the issue of whether or not to leave the EU, but that few of them intend to actually vote because it’s too much bother. So people are the same the world over, except in places where they aren’t allowed to vote, but would be willing to risk their lives for the privilege.

    On the question of leaving or staying, I’ll assume you wrote in: Wish I’d never left.

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