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Do Right To Me, Baby

5 Apr

Today is “Golden Rule Day,” sponsored by the Charter for Compassion.

Regardless of your religious persuasion, I’ve not doubt you’ve heard of the Golden Rule. The truth is most spiritual traditions have a form of it, and even those people who define themselves as atheist (or those who hilariously write in “Jedi” for the religion question on the census) would say they support the Golden Rule, which is To Treat Others As You Wish To Be Treated.

I think it’s champion that we’ve finally found a policy we can all stand behind. Somehow, though, I’m thinking that just because we say we believe it doesn’t necessarily mean we act as if we believe it.

If we did act according to the Golden Rule, it would mean Rupert Murdoch wants us to invade his privacy. It would mean some American newscasters want us to blame them if they are killed while walking home from a convenience store. It would mean that that dickhead who pushed me in the queue wants me to shove him despite the fact that all he’s doing is innocently trying to buy a box of envelopes. That’s how it works—what you do to others must be what you want done to you; that’s the Golden Rule we all believe, yes?

Now I’m not perfect, of course, and I’ve no doubt I’ve sometimes let the Golden Rule slip my mind. I take responsibility for the times I’ve acted without compassion (I’m thinking of the time I rejected the advances of a certain silver-haired gentleman, and I confess being turned down is not something I want done to me—and thank goodness, it’s yet to have happened). I decided to use today to remind myself to be more mindful of the Golden Rule so I surprised Christopher with a mixed bouquet of lilacs, honeysuckle and freesia and a beautiful silk slip. I’m hoping he gets the message.