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Without Christopher, I Confess I’d Be Rather Useless

7 Jun

It’s lucky I’ve got Christopher and his technical know-how to help me address an online audience as, without him, I’d only have my impressive talent, stunning looks and excellent connections, and goodness knows how far those would have got me (well, rather far, actually).

Christopher informed me this morning over tea that in addition to my Facebook fan page, he has now linked me to a site called Twitter, of which some of you may be aware. It will allow you to know what I am doing at almost any time of the day. While I’m not sure I can see the merits of this for others, I agree that my personal daily activities must be of extreme interest to the vast majority of Internet users. I cannot promise how frequently I will update: after all my busy social and publishing calendar is nearly bursting at its seams already. However, the unconditional trust (and legally binding confidentiality contract) Christopher and I share convinces me that I can rely on him to update the site appropriately and promptly, thereby never leaving anyone stranded.

To find me at Twitter, please click here and hit “Follow.”

To find me on Facebook, please click here and hit “Become a Fan.”

Click click, little ones!