Happy Independence Day!

4 Jul

Naturally, as I was born and bred in America, the United States is probably my favourite of the former colonies so I would like to take this opportunity to wish my country a very happy birthday.

So many in the European press see America as insular but I can testify that in the minds of most Americans, nothing is more important to them than global harmony. Except their local football team. Too many people insist that America does not care about things outside of her borders.  To them, I say, pshaw! Of course, America is focused on looking after her own citizens, but do not tell me that she is not also committed to international issues. Witness how the country came together recently to celebrate the death of Michael Jackson. Do not forget that the US hosts the World Series of Baseball.  Please acknowledge America’s self-sacrifice in pledging to look after the Middle East’s oil reserves as illustrative of a deep understanding of global responsibility. And, finally, accept that no one on Earth cherishes the environment more than Americans. After all, what other country would build such glorious monuments to the waterways and mountains, the flora and fauna, and other natural phenomena that all humans have the duty to protect?

So today I, your favourite daughter, sing your praises America. Although I won’t be tucking into some hot dogs and potato salad, making racist remarks after a few beers and traumatising the neighbourhood dogs with triple whistling bottle rockets, I am with you in spirit. Happy Independence Day!

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