Pogo Is, As Pogo Does

25 Aug

Today is the birthday of Walt Kelly, the most important cartoonist who ever drew breath. He knew how to use pen and ink to make a point. He wasn’t afraid to address head-on the problems of the day, whether they be political, religious or environmental.

His most famous creation was a little fellow called Pogo, with whom I have always related. If he weren’t a possum, I believe he’d have made a lovely husband.

There were rumours that one of Kelly’s characters may have been inspired by me, however there’s no way that could be true. I didn’t sleep with him until long after she appeared in print.

Today of all days, we should remember the power that words and pictures can have. Write a letter to your newspaper about an issue that’s been bugging your bear. Draw a picture of the world as a better place. Start a petition to make my books available on Amazon. Do something, for god’s sakes; sales have been down and I need a holiday.

Be inspired, dear hearts!

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