Ash Wednesday

9 Mar

Now this one has nothing to do with my being born in America, but Ash Wednesday always makes me think of this:

Obviously, this has something to do with the name, but, of course, Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent, when good Christians sacrifice something for Jesus and I’m sure a lot of them are thinking that Jesus will love them more if they’re off  the fags. I’ve never really grasped the whole “Lent concept”—it’s seems especially cruel to alcoholics given that St Patrick’s Day falls within the forty days—but of course, it’s nowt to do with me so I don’t intend to judge anyone standing outside a pub tonight trying to inhale secondhand smoke or pressing up against a punter in an attempt to get drunk through osmosis.

Whatever you’ve giving up, best of luck to you. Rest assured I’ll be making my own sacrifices, as I always do; I just prefer to do so without giving it the Big I Am by wearing an ash cross on my face.

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