Um, Actually I think It’s Your Round

16 Dec

This year I’m serving as your quiz mistress for the Everyone Needs An Algonquin Quiz of the Year. We’re at the half way mark so I thought we could have a little musical interlude to give you a chance to freshen your drink, nip to the ladies’ or step outside for a fag. The landlord requested something to raise everyone’s spirits (though it would have made more business sense to keep everyone miserable as all good barmen know misery + alcohol =£££). Enjoy!

For those of you who have arrived fashionably late, each day a new question is posted on Facebook so like us there (see conveniently located help on the right of this page) to get access to the daily questions. However, I appreciate that some do not participate in Facebook, and I wouldn’t want to exclude those people just because they have the good sense not to get sucked into such evil, so now’s your chance to get caught up.


Question 1: Why was the name of the Roman goddess of harmony in the news in January 2012?

Question 2: My webpage, Everyone Needs An Algonquin, went black on 18 January 2012. What was up with that?

Question 3: What was the name of the creator of the “Hippest Trip in America,” who died in February 2012?

Question 4: In February 2012, who was cast in the role of Jeremy Irons in “Agatha! The Musical”?

Question 5: In March 2012, David Cameron refused to sign the EU’s “fiscal compact.” What other country’s leader also refused to sign?

Question 6: Why was Christopher cautioned by police in March 2012?

Question 7: Who won the Grand National in April 2012 and why did I back him to win?

Question 8: Rupert Murdoch celebrated the “most humble day” of his life with what kind of a pie?

Question 9: Why is May 1 known as the Day of the Incident in the Whitt-Wellington family?

*Picture Round*

Question 10: This woman’s Scottish husband won which race for the third time this year?

Question 11: What was my personal response to this so-called astronomical phenomenon?

Question 12: Which one of these disembodied bald heads created the recipe for Diamond Jubilee Chicken?

Question 13: To whom did I donate my Olympics tickets?
Bored Queen

Question 14: This man showed up in London to watch which Olympic event?
Putin So Fuck Off

Question 15: How many medals did Great Britain win in this year’s London Olympics?

Question 16: How many medals did the United States win in this year’s London Paralympics?

Once everyone’s settled back into their seats and the paramedics have dealt with that man who got glassed out by the bins, we’ll get back to the quiz!


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